And so it begins…. About Imperishable Stars

This blog will be a place where I post various thoughts and writings on things Egyptian, both in the context of Reconstructionist Kemeticism and topics from academic and Egyptological research.

As such, it will reflect my primary passions in these areas:

  • Ritual texts and ritual adaptations for use by Kemetic Polytheists today
  • Linguistic understanding of the Egyptian language in all its forms and stages
  • Reconstructed vocalizations of Egyptian, especially texts composed in Middle Egyptian and ‘Égyptien de tradition’ used in ritual
  • Theological insights arising from the ancient texts, rituals, and structuring of sacred spaces

That said, I am sure some just-for-fun and just-because posts will happen from time to time. Playfulness is a good thing and important insights can come from anyplace at all.

I do not intend the blog to emphasize burning issues of the moment in the world of politics or pagan/polytheist controversies. There will of course be exceptions to this. After all, the very first post is a response to one of those controversies and it spurred me to begin the blog after a long period of procrastination.

In the immortal words of a certain Vorlon:
“And so it begins…”


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