Everlasting Egypt: Kemetic Rituals for the Gods

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Just a quick note: Today Richard Reidy’s book Everlasting Egypt was published! The written content of the book was complete at the time of his passing in November 2015. Assembly, editing, and proofs have since been completed and the book is now here and ready to order (But note, it will take up to a few weeks for all the supporting content and versions to appear on all the seller sites. There are hardcover, softcover, and eBook versions):

iUniverse: Everlasting Egypt

Amazon: Everlasting Egypt

Barnes and Noble: Everlasting Egypt

This book continues the work Richard began with his first book, Eternal Egypt, but very much expanded with rituals for 29 Gods and Goddesses and 8 Yearly and Lunar Festival rituals. It also contains an extensive Introduction with general information on Kemetic ritual and practical pointers on shrine setup, preparing ritual tools and images for use, organizing a Kemetic Temple on the lines of the Temples Richard founded, and more.

There are rituals for these Gods and Goddesses:

Amun, Amun-Ra, Anpu, Aset, Ausir,

Bastet, Djehuty, Hat-Hór, Heka, Heru Behdety,

Khnum, Khonsu, Ma’at, Min, Montu,

Mut, Nebet-Hut, Nefertum, Neith, Nekhbet,

Ptah, Sebek, Sekhmet, Seshat, Setekh,

Sokar, Tutu, Wadjet, and Wepwawet.

Since my main goal in editing and producing the book was to keep it as true as possible to Rich’s manuscripts, there are only a few clarifications on points where people may have questions. I will be posting about some of those over the coming weeks here along with explanations on some aspects of the rituals that are unique to the practices of the Temples Richard founded. Please feel free to bring up any questions or feedback in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

I extend my thanks to all those members of the Temples in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and Denver who contributed to these rituals and the editing of the book and to Richard Reidy’s family who allowed the publication to proceed. It was a lot of work but we have reached the goal.

Rich considered Everlasting Egypt to be the fulfillment of his life’s work in bringing Kemetic rituals to life for everyone in the most authentic way he could. He has passed that sacred duty now to us, and I salute his memory.

For the Ka of the Servant Priest of Amun-Ra, the Servant Priest of Setekh, the Servant Priest of Ra, the Worthy One Richard Reidy, justified.


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